Shop Pilot Certificate

    ① Flight over people and houses
    ② Flight shorter than 30 meter (33 yards) to people or properties
    ③ Flights on airplane approach route
    ④ Flight above 150 meter (165 yards) from ground
    ⑤ Night flight
    ⑥ Out-Of-Sight
    ⑦ Flight over events
    ⑧ Flight carrying dangerous/hazard objects(Non certificate:Dropping objects using winch)
  • JUIDA Safety Operation Administrator
  • On-The-Ground Special Radio Operator

(JUIDA:Japan UAS Industrial Development Association)

High quality service with necessary certificates and licenses.


DJI MATRICE 600 Pro + RONIN MX (CANON EOS 5D Mark IV+EOS 20mm 1:2.8 Lenz (4K/30fp)
DJI ZENMUSE Z30 (HD) - Dual Transmitter and Battery 4 sets

DJI INSPIRE2 Cinema Premium Combo (DJI ZENMUSE X7 (6K/30fp)) - Dual Transmitter and Battery 5 sets

DJI MAVIC2 Enterprise Dual (4K/30fp, Infrared Camera with Spotlight/Speaker/LED Beacon) – Self-heat battery 4 sets

DJI MAVIC2 Zoom (4K/30fp) – Battery 3 sets

DJI MAVIC MINI (2.7K/3fp) – Battery 3 sets

DJI Phantom4 Pro – Battery 3sets

DJI MAVIC AIR 2 – Battery 3sets

Full range of service equipment for your required scenes.



(1) Transportation, Accommodation, Storage Media if prepared by us + Consumption Tax (10%)
(2) Same costs for all equipment usage
(3) Costs including necessary drone flight permits application and flight plan submit to Japanese, local governments and necessary offices.
(4) For cases of bad weather (Raining/Snowing, Wind speed over 5meter), see below.
(5) We may use 2 staffs at same cost.


Pilot 1day (8 hours, no night flight)
50,000 Japanese yen / US$ 530
(For the case of bad weather, we will charge 20,000 Japanese Yen / US$ 250)
Night Flight (after Sunset time to Sunrise time (4hours))
50,000 Japanese Yen / US$ 530
UAS Safety Operation Administration 1 day (8 hours)
30,000 Japanese Yen / US$ 330
Pilot Overtime Charge (1hour)
10,000 Japanese Yen / US$ 120
UAS Safety Operation Administrator Overtime charge (1hour)
5,000 Japanese Yen / US$ 65
Storage Media if prepared by us
Separately quoted based upon requirements.

Cancellation fee

  1. No charge for cancel 1 month before.
  2. 50% charge for cancel within 1 month to the planned date.

The above costs do not include video editing/making costs, we deliver raw video images to customers.