Rental Equipment

DJI MATRICE 600 Pro + RONIN MX (CANON EOS 5D Mark IV + EOS 20mm 1:2.8 lens) + DJI ZENMUSE Z30)
Dual Tranmitter and Battery 4 sets.

DJI INSPIRE2 Cinema Premium Combo (DJI ZENMUSE X7) – Dual Transmitter+Battery 5 sets

DJI MAVIC2 Enterprise Dual (with Infrared camera, Spotlight/Speaker/LED Becon) - Self-heat battery 4 sets

DJI MAVIC2 Zoom – Battery 3 sets

DJI MAVIC MINI (2.7K/3fp) – Battery 3 sets

DJI Phantom4 Pro – Battery 3sets

DJI MAVIC AIR 2 - Battery 3sets

Full range of service equipment for your required scenes.

Rental Pre-Requirement

  1. UAS/UAV Pilot License if your country has such license systems. (If your country does not have such UAS/UAV pilot license systems, please submit your experiences declaration signed by all planned pilots.)
    (Near airport, Flight above 150 meter from ground, Density Area, Private Owned lands, Night flight, Out-Of-Sight flight needs special permits from Japanese government. Please ask information before rental)
  2. Application and get UAS/UAB flight permits from Japanese government And, submit flight plan to Japanese government.
    We can support you for such flight permits application and flight plan submit by separate costs (see menu).
  3. Necessary documents:Passport copy, Local driver`s license with address, Liability Insurance certificates, UAS/UAV Pilot License or Self Declaration signed by all planned pilots (all 4 items)
  4. Age/Joba:Must be over 25 years old with proper job
  5. Rental only for flights in Japan
  6. Must have cell phones for emergency communication
  7. Must have private liability insurance
  8. iPad, Android Tablets, Smart Phones are not available for rental. Please use own equipment with proper flight and safety applications.
  9. For rental of DJI MATRICE 600 pro, DJI INSPIRE2 or DJI MAVIC2 ENTERPRISE DUAL, pilots must have UAS/UAV/RC Aircrafts over 100 flight experiences.
    For DJI MAVIC2 ZOOM, pilots must have UAS/UAV/RC aircrafts over 10 hours flights experiences.
  10. People who can handle rental equipment gently and return as rental start conditions, we will compare returned equipment with our rental start condition pictures. If there are any damages or losts, we will charge you under following conditions.
    (1) Up to 3,000,000 Japanese Yen - DJI MATRICE 600 pro sets, DJI INSPIRE2 Cinema Premium Combo
    (2) Up to 700,000 Japanese Yen - DJI MAVIC2 Enterprise Dual
    (3) Up to 250,000 Japanese Yen - DJI MAVIC2 ZOOM
    (4) Up to 100,000 Japanese Yen – DJI MAVIC MINI
    (5) Up to 200,000 Japanese Yen - DJI Phantom4 Pro
    (6) Up to 150,000 Japanese Yen – DJI MAVIC AIR 2

With full agreements with customers for flight video shots.

Rental Costs


(1) Rental equipment will be delivered to your designated place (Hotel in Tokyo metropolitan area is no logistics costs, logistics costs to other places will be charged separately.)
(2) Rental Equipment will include minimum liability insurance fees (not enough for human accidents, goods accidents or lost. Own private liability insurance is mandatory for rental.)
(3) Returning day is the date you return equipment to my hand (Early return refund will not be provided.)
(4) For cases of bad weather or other reasons, you cannot use equipment, please ask us for alternative plans.
(5) For planned rental over 1 week, please ask us for planned schedule and costs.
(6) Equipment do not have storage devices. Please prepare devices by customers.
(7) iPad, Android Tablet, Smart Phones are not available, please prepare by customer side.

1 Day Rental Fee

DJI MATRICE 600 Pro + RONIN MX (CANON EOS 5D Mark IV+EOS 20mm 1:2.8 lens+ DJI ZENMUSE Z30)
- Dual transmitter, battery 4sets
50,000 Japanese Yen / US$ 530
DJI INSPIRE2 Cinema Premium Combo (DJI ZENMUSE X7)
– Dual Transmitter, Battery 5 sets
50,000 Japanese Yen / US$ 530
DJI MAVIC2 Enterprise Dual (with infrared camera, Spotlight/Speaker/LED Beacon)
- Self-heat battery 4 sets
40,000 Japanese Yen / US$ 420
DJI MAVIC2 Zoom – Battery 3 sets
20,000 Japanese Yen / US$ 250
DJI MAVIC MINI – Battery 3 sets
6,000 Japanese Yen / US$ 63
DJI Phantom4 Pro – Battery 3sets
20,000 Japanese Yen
DJI MAVIC AIR 2 – Battery 3sets
10,000Japanese Yen
Attendance service (services like Battery charge, First flight check – not act as Pilot or UAS Flight Safety Administrator)
20,000 Japanese Yen / US$ 250
+ Transportation / Accomodation charge

Cancellation Fee

  1. No charge for cancel 1 month before.
  2. 50% charge for cancel within 1 month to the planned date.